Pilgrim Apparel

Good Quality Merchandise With Meaningful Content

A company with Open hands

Fair Trade

Today’s world is built around profit and exploitation. We do not fit in that circle. All of our clothes are fair trade. We hope to work in the future with those in the poorest countries to make our own clothing. 


We firmly believe that good quality clothing should not be something exclusive. So we strive to price all of our goods with the lowest price tag we can. 

Meaningful content

We want all of our designs to carry a meaning. To get all those who see it to ask questions. Something that stands out and leads to good conversations. 

Fresh designs


We strive for all of our designs to be good quality, uplifting and relevant to the season that we are in. We believe our designs will get conversations going. Those conversations will hopefully in turn change lives.

Large orders and Custom designs

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


 Are you looking for someone to provide you with custom made fair trade printed T-shirts or hoodies. For your sport event, church, work place, volunteers?  Please contact us and we can see what we can do for you!