Seasons T-shirt ecru mandarine


Fitted woman’s t-shirt
100% organic cotton


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Seasons, there is more behind the pretty flower and the roots. This design is based on a picture our Friend Hadassa had.

A rosebush starts out as a tiny seed, but as that seed it worships God!
It grows and sprouts, it worships God!
It is in bloom, in its full glory, it worships God!
It lays down its leaves gets pruned to start the process over again, it worships God!

In every season we can worship God, and for God not one season is more glorious than the other.

When we see breaking open, you see trust.
When we see pitiful sprout, you see hope/persistence/courage.
When we see blossom, you see glory.
When we see withdrawing and letting go, you see intimacy.

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